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Default Re: Age of Conan will take '250' hours to get to level 80

Originally Posted by Bah!
Yeah, if only we could never grow up and play games 12 hours a day again.

I really enjoyed my time in EQ, and it's still my favorite MMOG of all time, but there is no way in hell i'd play another game that took as long to level as EQ did back at release. Things like staying logged in for 72 hours in a row for Rastor to spawn or sitting in Najenas room for Jboots just isn't feesable these days for many of us.

As for the AoC leveling speed, it's not that fast. My last two characters in WoW were 1-70 in a little over 5 days played and that was before they sped up 1-60 leveling. My first was 12 days with two capped professions, lots of fishing and tons of exploring.
Ahhh but it was actually good times sitting around with buddies chatting it up and clearing a room waiting for that pop and the feeling you got when you finally got that elusive FBSS!
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