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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Soetdjuret
Okay boys, i hear ya, no hug? no love?
As i said i dont want to sound like an ass but your making it seem like your reading time is more valuable than the time it would take anyone of us to repost all this stuff

also im sure once you have 1 set of questions answered you'll no dout have more,again most which would have no dout been answered by reading this thread in the first place!

its not that we dont want to help you out,i and everyone who posts in this thread will gladly help out any new comers to FSX but you can really expect us to keep reposting the same old stuff over and over again,if its DX10 your intrested in start at the last page and work back as DX10 wasnt added to FSX that long ago

just to also let you know these guys have been the most helpful bunch of ppl ive come across in the FSX community and dont have the holyer than thou attitude of places like AVsim if you'ed have posted there what you did here they'ed more than likly have band you!
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