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Okay, First off this is my first post so please let it tell that im a virgin here and pretty much a virgin when it comes to bios configuration but im not new to computers. I'm pretty sure that I'm asking a redundant question thats probably been asked before but I'm sick of dealing with this thing and trying to avoid sending it back to the builder. I.E. trying to save myself some time to see if I can avoid this rather than sending it back.

System Specs:
evga 780i main board
qx9650 quad core 3.0 ghz
evga 9800gx2
4.0 gb pc2-8500 ram ( corsair dominator )
(3) WD Raptors on a raid 5
SATA dvd-lite on drive

Now I know that I have a custom pc thats decent, to say the least, but i bought it from a chain of pc stores in the mid-west. Been saving since my last build in 2004 so believe me I'm not some rich 12 year old with daddy's credit card. When it arrived I have no clue why but the dvi cable wouldn't work with my acer 22" lcd monitor. Are there any problems with the video card and this monitor or is it more than likely just a bad cord? Fixed that by using dvi adapter and using avg cable, big deal seeing stuff on the screen is what matters. Next problem that I identified was the ram was failing and would not pass the memory test upon posting on startup, it would just freeze and give you that blank stare of what the hell do you want me to do now? Got new corsair dominator ram and worked fine.

Onto the problem I cannot seem to get past. After reading alot I now know that the 780i main board has problems with the SATA dvd drives. The problem comes up to when it boots and says " verifying DMI pool data " and it fails saying disc read error. Is this my hard drives failing to boot; is this my SATA dvd drive failing to boot? Also after loading and doing memory testing it gives me a failed Floppy drive and to continue press F1 or to enter setup press delete.

So, what the hell can I do except send it back to the pc store that I bought it from?
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