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Default Re: Q6600 O/C on P5K-E

Originally Posted by Toss3
I just got the Asus P5K-E Wifi today and haven't really gotten to overclocking yet! There are numerous reports around the net saying that this is THE board for quad core overclocking, but we'll see soon enough if that holds true! Can't wait to push for 4Ghz!! (not going to come close due to a very high VID )

Had some problems getting the drivers for the chipset installed due to me running server 2008, but it seems to be running fine now.

28c idle temp on all four cores!

EDIT: Here's a guide on how to do the pencil mod for the P5K-E Wifi:

Did it a few seconds ago and it was very very easy and my core voltage is now stable!

Currently running at 380x9.0(3400Mhz) with 1.45V set in Bios and 1.4325 in Windows(some drop there but it's rock stable!).

P5K wifi is a great board, had mine for awhile now. Mine is Pencil modded and has gotten me great OCs with quads, E8400s, E3110s, everything I put in it. I stuck a 50mm fan on the NB and applied AS5 to both the NB and SB when I first got it, I always do that though.

I can take this chip up to 3.9 for benchmarking but here is my 24/7 OC with G0 Q6600. I've since been able to drop vcore to 1.35v and its still prime stable, this was my SS at 1.37v though. A good G0 should be able to push 3.2 @ stock volts, 3.4 with a slight bump, etc. You might be giving yours alot more vcore than it needs right now.

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