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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

New system up and running with AoC <gulp>

Settings all High, every AA setting set to 16x enhance application, 1920x1200.
80-100+ FPS.

load time when zoning is about 2 seconds

Still tweaking NV control pannel.

FPS on my older rig was about 30-60, and it plays very smooth.
This game is very easy on graphic cards and even with lower settings it still looks very nice.

I need to find a nice 30" LCD Widescreen to really push this setup.
Everything is still running at stock settings so far, so no OC atm. Still waiting Phase cooling <cry>

A nice Feat Calculator

PvE servers you can still PvP but in areas just for that.
PvP servers have a new rule set.

As part of celebrating the release of Age of Conan we are happy to unravel a brand new PvP ruleset that has not previously been disclosed: The Culture PvP ruleset! Note that this new PvP server type is experimental and players on these servers must expect an ongoing change to the ruleset.

The goal of this PvP server-type is to stimulate war behind the three cultures of Cimmeria, Aquilonia and Stygia. As a player on a Culture PvP server, you are shielded from lone travelers of your own culture, however you may still group with any culture and form a group and attack anyone.

The Culture PvP ruleset is an evolving ruleset that will be tweaked and polished based on player-feedback in the months to come. Although it is, at least currently, possible to make guilds across cultures, pure culture groups and guilds will be endorsed on this server, and as such players on the Culture PvP servers must prepare that the future will hold continued changes to the ruleset.

We have changed to ruleset on two servers that were previously flagged as full PvP. The homes for the Culture PvP servers are:
New Build Coming Soon
Powered by Liftoff and soon to be cooled by H30.
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