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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by jeffmd
Captn, your yelling at the wrong person. ^^

Anyways.. I found out last night that the game is zoned. Reading the wiki, theres not actually any zone lines.. but rather you visit a sort of travel master (stable, port) and they send you to the next area? How does the game manage long distance travel, like WoW's wyvern/griffin system?

Btw buck those are great load times. Its pretty clear the game dosnt need to load the entire zone into memory, makes me wonder why it couldn't have been totaly persistent.. unless its to do away with the need for multiple world servers?

Well every zone past the starting ones have not had multiple instances of them so i hope that alleviates peoples worries. As it stands right now all long distance multi tiered traveling is done by just going to zone walls, or talking to traveling npcs. There are mounts and sucha s well as we all know.
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