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Default Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?

Here's my personal request for the amd64 version of the nvidia driver.

The 32-bit address space is getting narrower by the day. On Windows, lots of applications are already too tight for 32-bit due to DLLs fragmenting the address space. On FreeBSD, not so much, but we're getting there; furthermore AMD processors seem to be much faster running 64-bit FreeBSD code.

When I got my desktop/part-time server board with GeForce 6150/nForce 430, I chose it exactly because of nvidia-drivers.
Today, my old laptop running AMD64 with the ATI Mobility X700 is doing 3D much, much faster than my desktop/part-time server using the open source radeon driver (EXA). Of course, it helps that ATI X700 is old...
But I'm beginning to question my choice for NVIDIA as a widely supported card.

Most people who use FreeBSD don't care so much for being in the bleeding edge. Most probably prefer to have conservative but supported hardware. Postscript printers, common sound card and a 3D card which is only good enough as long as it is easily supported. At this moment, the best choice for 64-bit is certainly an older ATI (one which the radeon driver supports).
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