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Default Should I upgrade anything at this point?

My hardware is almost one and a half years old now (last touched - Dec 2006). I have a PS3 & 360 and haven't played a game on the PC in a year it seems, but I just started a PC phase again.
-EVGA 680i
-E6600 C2D
-EVGA 8800GTS 640MB
-4GB Patriot DDR2-800
-Vista Home Premium x32

My hard drive is failing (clicking noises on bootup all the sudden). I'm going to go out tomorrow and buy two new ones and an OEM copy of Vista 64 to get some use out of the 4GB
-Raptor 150GB for Vista and Ghost images of the Vista
-Segate 1T (sale at Frys for $179) for games and everything else

I haven't looked at PC hardware since I built this system a year and a half ago. It seems like there's nothing I could really do to get any better game performance without getting areally small return on my money (I mean like $800-1200 and ending up with 10% better game performance).

I don't mind dropping a a few extra hundred. Would anyone touch my current rig right now? This original Nov 2006 EVGA 680i board I have will take a Q6600 I've read - and honestly I need to do a good spurt of video editing soon. I'm not sure if I could do any better for gaming - like if it would take a E8400.

If you were me would you just buy the drives and wait another 6-12 months before looking at the hardware again?

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