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Default Re: Should I upgrade anything at this point?

Thanks. You know I've slowed down a lot but I've been building my own systems since 1994 and I use to rebuild every 6 to 12 months. This system I'm on right now seems to have the best longevity. I tried BioShock earlier @ 1680x1050 with all the graphics options at max and it ran perfectly smooth (no idea what frame rate I was getting). The only thing is, I did buy and try Crysis when it came out and it ran so bad I gave up 5 minutes into playing. I think that's when I got frustrated and dove into console gaming.


I tried to get a good quality PSU when I built the system. The model I have doesn't seem to be made anymore but it's this one:

PC Power & Cooling 750w Silencer S75EPS PSU
• 750W @ 40C (825W peak)
• 90% less noise per watt
• EPS12V / nVidia SLI certified
• 83% efficiency with .99 PFC
• 12VDC output @ 60A
• 24, 8, 4-pin M/B connectors
• 2 PCI-E and 15 drive plugs
• Automatic fan speed control
• Copper finish (Black on request)
• 3-year warranty and support
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