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Default Re: GeForce GTX 280 got 7k+ in 3DMark Vantage Extreme Test

Originally Posted by pkirby11
To bad I'll have to take second mortgage out on my house just to afford two of them. That AnandTech article says they will probably be priced higher than the 9800GX2, I'm sorry but I love PC gaming but I'm tired of spending $1200+ just to play some games. I know you get what you pay for however what pisses me off is there is generally such a pathetic gap in performance between high end and mid range that it's just stupid. What ever, I will pass on it, I don't care if it can make my toast.
Then don't. Who's forcing you to SLI? Who's forcing you to use every bell and whistle? I finished Crysis on my 8800GTX at 1680x1050, Max DX9 details, no AA/16xAF. The only place the game slowed down was the final battle, for which I took the resolution down to 1440x900. I mean enough with this crap about having to pay loads of money to enjoy a game. A mate plays games with a 1600 Pro, another plays on a X1800XT. Enough about not having a good experience with a 9800GX2 and now with a SINGLE GTX280. I don't buy it, neither does anyone else I believe...
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