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Default Re: I hate Blu-Ray...

I agree that, initially, HD-DVD was better, but BR will be better as a result of it. I was originally rooting for HD-DVD because Toshiba had done very well with it. I'll elaborate.

HD-DVD 1.0 profile had everything. If you buy the first HD-DVD player released, the A1, it will run any HD-DVD movie out today without a hitch. Every HD-DVD player had an ethernet port.

By comparison, ethernet ports aren't a BR requirement until profile 2.0. None of the existing stand-alone players can be upgraded to profile 2.0 except the PS3. There will be movies that will have issues running on launch BR players. Basically, the HD-DVD spec was "finalized" before launching, whereas Blu-Ray was rushed to market to compete.

In addition to this, HD-DVD had dual-layer ready to go on day one, whereas BR was only 25GB. Thankfully, BR is dual-layer now. Some early BR players have problems with layer transitions.

Also, the video codecs used in BR were inferior to that of HD-DVD, initially. They've expanded. In summary, the Blu-Ray we know today, and going forward, will be the best option because the presence HD-DVD forced them to make the platform better (codecs, getting the profiles updated, etc.). The losers in this, of course, are the early adopters of HD-DVD. However, early adopters of BR will also lose out as BR 2.0 movies come out, unless they bought a PS3 as their player..
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