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Default Home theater in progress.

The first two things I'll be getting are the HDTV and the Blu-Ray player, sometime in September when my re-enlistment bonus hits.

TV - Samsung LN46A650

BR Player - Playstation 3

The BR player goes without stating. I'm a gamer, and the standalone players at the same pricepoint lack the PS3's features. As for the TV, I'm not a plasma fan, and LCD finally won me over as opposed to DLP. I'll consider the Samsung 7 series of that same tv, but only if it's within $100 at the time I buy it. The extra features don't justify the pricetag (built-in media capabilities that my PS3 will handle, and a built-in subwoffer).

I'll also be getting the Logitech Harmony One (with DirectTV HD w/DVR, I need the remote consolidation).

All I'm undecided about is the audio setup. Since I'll be moving into a new apartment BEFORE buying this TV, I'll hold off on the audio until I see how thick the walls are, and what my neighbors can tolerate
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