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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by Badboy_12345
Funcom just ****ed over the whole EA EU playerbase

haha the us servers were down for like 9 hours, then up for 1 then down for 3 lol. right before launch

It's basically this. You start out in this place called tortage that is the single player version that they changed to be multiplayer day mode combined with a single player night mode. So tortage is extremly linear, in many ways. It's basically aoc's newbie starting area for all races. After you complete the single player quest which ends in epic fashion, ytou are teleported to your races main city. There are 'boat men' that can take u between these main cities to the other main cities as well as to the various hunting areas.

Your never really running all over the world because your already level 20 by the tiem u access the world, and then the very next hunting areas can take u to 30...So before you know it you have access to a mount and so forth. Some of the maps are insanely huge yes. But you spend a vast amount of time more questing or killing then running to and from these areas.
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