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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by saguy
How much AA and AF are you using cause I'm praying my old socket 939 X2 4200 @2700 and 8800 GTS 512MB will be up to the job.
I'm not using any. It takes to big a hit for me. Right now in Tortage you do no notice the jaggies at all because there is so much going on in the back ground that you do not focus in on any one part of the scenery. And honestly I am enjoying the game play to much to even care.

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
This game is awesome. I don't know how they did it considering the condition the client was in during the open beta but this is an amazing launch day and a really great game so far. Very happy with the purchase.
LOL I remember when you were poopooing the game based on the open beta. I quit the open beta after a few hours of play because I did not want the stress test to be the deciding factor for this tame.

All those who said the game is terrible based on the stress test or open beta really are eating crow right now. The game is wonderful. The only question is will this game have longevity or will it be like a extended single player game where you play through it once and then quit your subscription.

Originally Posted by nrdstrm
OMG YES!!! Finally an MMO with a decent launch..I played all day today with very few issues (the only issues where when I logged out a few times and instead of waiting for the timer to expire, I chose "leave now". Everything was OK, but the game told me it had shut down improperly and would I like to send a report, bla bla bla...Great framerate, great graphics, great storytelling, great imersion, etc...I'm so freakin happy with this game!
I've never seen quite at good a launch also. WoW had problems at first but nothing big. They did have terrible lag issues in the major cities and mainly at Ironforge for a year before they got that squared away but it was also a pretty good launch.

I played from 6:35 last night to 1am. Only WoW kept me up for so long on a mmo. That was way too long. I will be in bed by 10:30 tonight.

Originally Posted by lIqUID
Oh and I didnt get any type of desktop icons at all. The only way I can get into the game is by manually going into the Funcom folder and clicking the patcher. Anybody got any ideas on this?
They are German, what do you expect? Yeah you have to go in and get the exe file.
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