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Thumbs up Phun Physics Benchmark!

So you think you have a powerful processor ? we'll see about that after you run this benchy!
this phun sandbox seems to put more stress on the CPU than Crysis!!

Instructions :
A) Download Phun Physics Sandbox here (its only 2mb!) :
B) Open program & load "circles" scene
C) Now check this screenshot & do the following steps :

D) Set you window at a res of 1280x1024 (or something close i dont think it matters that much) & make sure all options are checked exactly like in the screenshot (simple water rendering unchecked) & zoom as shown above.
D1) right click & select the option "liquify selected" for circle no.1
D2) Repeat the same for circle no.2
D3) Click the play button as shown in no.3

E) Wait for a few seconds as the liquid pours down through the circles & recored your lowest framerate (minimum) & post it along with your CPU specs.

So far i've got a min.fps of 3fps using a P4:3GHz
& a min.fps of 9-10fps using a C2Q Q6600@3Ghz

(i.e. Q6600@3Ghz is around 3.5 times faster than an oldie Northwood P4:3Ghz)

now dont be ashamed to post your results! bring it on!


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