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Default Re: I've never seen a company make it so hard to buy their product.

Looks like you guys got fracked....

I think it is probably a glitch in the purchase process.

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing
Are you guys serious? Can you guys cry a bit more. You see this is why I detest gamers. They are always crying and always unhappy.

If you cannot find a place to buy this game from be it a bricks and mortar store or a E store then the problem is not Funcom. I is your problem.

The last thing. the VERY last thing you should be crying about are the forums. There isn't any reason you would want to visit a gaming forum let alone MMO forum.

If i am reading it correct...he purchased it online so he could download the that is what the information told him on the is it not the websites fault? How can you blame him...
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