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Default Router Stops working after 15 seconds when connected to modem

I have 2 routers, a D-link DGL 4300 and a crappy free zyxel router. My ISP is Roadrunner and i have a old Motorola surfboard modem. The D-link router has been RMA'd for the second time so far, so it's pretty much ruled out that the router is the problem. (i mean having 3 lemons seems statistically impossible)

/background info

The zyxel router works without any problems whatsoever. But the D-Link router will work for 15 seconds and then dies. Like not just loses internet connection dies, but like you can't even access the setup utility (like going to the default gateway in firefox) But what's weird is that if i plug the router into the computer, but not into the modem it won't die and stays online with no problems. So it appears that somehow when the router and modem talk to eachother a problem arrises.

When i called Roadrunner, they said to disable the firewall on the router which ended up giving me about an extra minute before it died. but only the first time, then it reverted back to it's default 15-20 second lifetime.

any ideas?
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