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Default Re: Q9450 high idle/load temps (2 of them)

I have the same setup.
P5K Premium / Q9450.
My idle temp is 40-41c and load of 50c with dual orthos @ stock voltage and stock speed on a water cooling setup with koolance exos-2lx, swiftech apogee gtx.
even under stock and aftermarket air cooler im still getting the exact same idle temp and just around the same load with water being only a couple degrees less.
tried the same setup with a dual core e6850 and the difference is more than 20 degrees load (air vs water). so its def not my cooling setup. something is wrong with the bios.
all my core probes seem to be working and none is stuck but the temps is definately not accurate. no heat from the radiator no heat in the tubing... but such high load temps... reseated/repasted. whatever. same ****
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