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Default Re: Does anyone have the GF FX Launch Event video ?

Originally Posted by ragejg
Is this for the purpose of comparing their plans and business models with their actual results?
No, not at all.

I wanted to see the launch event video because Nvidia had some interesting slides showing that other 3D graphics companies had contributed to the development of NV30 / GFFX with their engineers. companies such as: Evans & Sutherland, Real3D, 3DLabs, among others. Not just 3Dfx.

Also, Nvidia mentioned that two entire architectural generations beyond GFFX were in development: The NV40 (what became GF 6800) and the NV50 (what would become G80 / GF800). Since G80 came out in fall 2006, that means it had been in R&D for at least 4 years.

I have no dount that Nvidia is working on the next two or three major architectures beyond G80 (NV50) not counting GT200 (would've been NV55 in the old naming scheme) which is just a significant upgrade. Nvidia must have at least NV60 and NV70 in development, not counting mid-life refresh like NV65 (what GT200 is to G80).

NV60 would be DX11, while NV70 would be DX12.

Anyway, I'm drifting off-topic here.

The launch event video was one of the more interesting ones I've seen.

Guess I'll have to try contacting Nvidia directly to see if they have it.
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