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Originally Posted by Hambone
The OP and his semi-hidden white text stupidity is an shining example of the worst side of WoW. I always thought of idiot trolling as something done after a thread has been created - not the entire purpose of a thread. The best part of AoC is the M rating and high system requirements which will help keep the WoW kiddies and people with the mentality of the OP out of the game.


AoC in game - CTRL+ALT+F brings up a FPS counter. It's handy when tweaking graphics settings to stay smooth.


Tr1cK - Warhammer 40K is the sci-fi version of Warhammer. "40K" stands for the year 40,000 where this version of Warhammer is set. Warhammer Fantasy is what the upcomming MMO is based off of.

trick is refering to the warhammer 40k mmo which is also ind evelopment by a different studio.
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