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Originally Posted by Hambone
The OP and his semi-hidden white text stupidity is an shining example of the worst side of WoW. I always thought of idiot trolling as something done after a thread has been created - not the entire purpose of a thread. The best part of AoC is the M rating and high system requirements which will help keep the WoW kiddies and people with the mentality of the OP out of the game.

I don't have a problem with WOW as a game, only some of the idiots that play it. I look at WOW as one huge piece of fly paper - it attracts all the players that I don't want in other games. I was playing LOTRO which has a tiny subscriber base compared to WOW, but the community is great. Even Vanguard with its miniscule player base is mature and friendly.

This is how I judge my MMO's and they way I will be judging AOC this coming month. It's the community that will be main reason I hit that re-subscribe button.

I apologize to all the decent friendly WOW players, as there are loads of you, for tarring you with the same brush.
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