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Default Re: Hybrid power support on Linux?

Originally Posted by kgroombr
I am surprised that it appears that more people are interested in Hybrid Power. Maybe I am reading it wrong, but Hybrid Power and Hybrid SLI are two different things, right?
yes, those two are different:
  • Hybrid SLI is the ability to combine the power of a dedicated graphics card with the mainboard's GPU
  • Hybrid Power is the ability to switch off the dedicated graphics card if the 3D application does not require that much performance and the mainboard's GPU can (easily) handle the graphics on its own

However, they seam to come together - so graphics cards either support both or none (afaik).

The thing with Hybrid SLI is, that if you have a high performance dedicated graphics card, SLI with the rather low-performance onboard chip is not really worth it and might even decrease performance if each of the graphics cards renders alternating frames (the dedicated GPU just has to wait too long for the onboard GPU to finish its frame) - maybe there are different SLI configurations, I don't know.

Also on linux you'd mostly not be interested in SLI since most linux games do not require that much performance - and most of the time you're working without the need of a high-performance 3D graphics card (ok, maybe there are some 3D applications...) - that is why Hybrid Power is a much more crucial feature for linux users than Hybrid SLI.
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