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Originally Posted by Hambone
The OP and his semi-hidden white text stupidity is an shining example of the worst side of WoW. I always thought of idiot trolling as something done after a thread has been created - not the entire purpose of a thread. The best part of AoC is the M rating and high system requirements which will help keep the WoW kiddies and people with the mentality of the OP out of the game.
Oh for pete's sake relax. He was just having fun at the expense of fanboys.

The higher system requirements will not stop kiddies from getting the game. The will still get it but will be lagging around Hyboria on subpar systems. The M rating wont do much either. Besides, most the problems I had in WoW were 20 somethings who think they are actually adults. Blaming it all on the 13 year old is stupid. As if you 20 somethings actually are any better...
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