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Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
As if you 60 somethings are any better...
I put everyone in the same boat wrt MMOS. Here is how it goes. Either they are idiots jumping around. Idiots screwing you over. Or idiots screwing the guild over. The only difference is the older ones don't jump around as much while being a idiot.

The thing I hate most is jumping. I honestly ****ING HATE IT! That is all people do. Oh and don't get me started in a Battleground. Some ****tard is jumping around constantly doing flips. Then another dumbass is jumping around running away from you so they won't get killed. Oh and that brings another thing I hate about WoW, running away. You pussy! You where so ****y when you spat on me (while jumping) and tried to gank my ass in the bg. Now that I am kicking your ass you are running away? WTF!? Take your beating. I look at it this way. When you die you get full mana and health... RIGHT OFF THE BAT. When you run away you have to hide to drink and bandage and it takes longer. Who cares if you die. Just get in there and mix it up. People who think they are awesome because they have 40 kills and 3 deaths because they run away from fights they are losing are complete posers.
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