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Default Motherboard chipset fan failed

I powered up the PC 2 hours ago, the BIOS warned the chipset fan failed, waited 15 mins to see if the fan kick started but no sign of life. Shutdown the PC and switched off the electricity, opened the case, poked to push the chipset fan spinned and used the air duster spray to cleared off the dust in the chipset then turned on the PC and the chipset fan still failed.

I believed the chipset fan finally died, checked the RivaTuner temp monitor, the chipset temp is around 45c at idle. Should I be concern if I play games at full load if the chipset fan do not spinning at all? I am not planning to upgrade the motherboard and the CPU until Nehalem with hybrid SLi motherboard later this year. Cant be arse to take everything apart and replace with a new chipset fan.
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