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Default Re: QX9650 overclocking?

i made a switch to 790i and ddr3 this week. i had qx9650 on asus maximus formula at stock vcore at 1.21/1.22 according to everst,cpu-z.

well now on stock after fresh install this week my vcore on asus striker 2 (bios 0703) is 1.21 according to cpu-z and bios says 1.28 and everst says 1.30v

im confused and also wondering how this will effect oc and wich reading is correct.
i've been only running this board a day now........runs stable so far. i thought 3dm06 was low too at stock it was 14550 or so on xp. i ran prime 95 in the store yesterday with the tech guy for 2 hours and all passed fine but after installing utilites today i notice vcore had odd readings. i'm more knowlegable now in oc'ing than a few months ago but different vcore readings make me nervous with an expensive processor when it comes to oc'ing and have not encountered this before and was not like this on my asus maximus board.

any thoughts or should i not worry.
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