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Default FreeBSD 7.0R, Xorg7.3, 88800GTX SLI...


I couldn't find a similar post, so here is my (hopefully) original post...

Mobo/CPU: EVGA 7800i, Intel E6850 (standard settings, no overclocking)
Video: 2x 8800GTX SLI
Monitor: ViewSonic VX2245wm running in 1680x1050 native resolution

For some reason, while in SLI mode, whenever I try to run a GL app (game or full screen screensaver), the system just bogs down to almost a complete halt. When I am not in SLI mode, GL apps run fine. I ran "nvidia-xconfig --sli=on" and the nvdia-settings app confirms that the boards are in SLI mode, plus direct rendering is functioning. I have also ran nvidia-xconfig --only-one-x-screen. The Xorg.0.log already disabled the second monitor automatically when SLI was discovered.

The same problem occurs while my xorg.conf file contains the second screen, which is then automatically disabled once SLI is detected.

I have found that by setting my resolution to a "standard" 4:3 setting (1600x1200, 1280x1024, etc...), I was able to get Unreal Tournament (UT99) running, but it hangs up the system while in 1680x1050 mode.

FreeBSD installed great, two 8800GTX boards found, kernel modules load fine, Xorg found the two 8800GTX's, nvidia-driver loaded, nvidia-xconfig confirms SLI mode and Direct Rendering functional.

Is there any other nvidia-xconfig switches to help with the native resolutions of wide-screen monitors, or anything else I may be missing?

On another note, when I boot to my Ubuntu 8.04 partition, everything seems to works fine.

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