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Default Re: QX9650 overclocking?

Thats quite a handy utility and temps are reported exactly 10C less then core temp. Seems i can only be stable at 1.456v while at 4GHz temps are no higher then 60C which is much better and best of all stable quite suprised that my dinky little 750i with 4 phase power could cope with it. The regualtors get very hot so have installed a 80 to 92mm fan ontop of the swiftech CPU block/pump to cool them. It is very unlikly that i will ever stress the CPU this much but am very happy to of hit 4GHz i don't really need to hit any higher thanks DVS as CPU core would of said 70C and thats not what i would like to hear. Too bad i need 1.456v to be stable maybe due to a vdrop from the board which is why i might need extra voltage to remain stable.

With 1.440v i couldn't get it to prime more then 30 seconds but at 1.456v it's been going for 20 mins. Idle temps are 41C. THe Swiftech Compact is running at 7v also so is still very quiet too. Could try uping it to optimal and bring the temps down further. At optimal fan speeds, temps have gone from 60C load to 56C and idle from 41C to 39C with 120mm fans increased from 1000rpms to 1200rpms. It's a little more nosier but not to sure if it's worth 4C drop.

Just noticed idle the CPU runs at 1.488-1.502v and underload it's 1.456v quite a drop there. BIOS reads as 1.47v. Temps and voltages are all over the place from program to program and BIOS. Oh well what can you do

Now i know the CPU is stable at that guess it's time to up the FSB back to 1600MHz so is in sync with the memory running at 800MHz from what i hear it will provide better performance.

This board will do for now intill the Asus Maximus II Formula II comes out which looks impressive

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