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Unhappy Re: kernel based modesetting

Originally Posted by AaronP
Well, let me rephrase that... it was specifically designed to be incompatible with non-GPL drivers, at least according to Dave Airlie when I asked him about it a couple of months ago. I haven't actually looked at the code, myself.
That is sad.

I really hoped that NVIDIA would release GPL drivers.
So in the future it looks like I have to switch to another graphics solution, were everything works out of the box.

At the moment it looks like that AMD and Intel will give use (the end user) a better Linux Desktop experience in the near future. They will provide kernel based modesetting, DRI2, XVMC (Geforce 8+ users are waiting for it for a ling time now), Gallium3D (could make your live easier, take a look at this GSOC Project.

So it is on you NVIDIA to take the chance.
Everybody could win from a GPL driver, YOU and the User.

best wishes
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