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Smile Re: kernel based modesetting

Originally Posted by AaronP
Actually, that would make things a lot more difficult for us. Right now, the NVIDIA drivers use the same core code across all platforms, which means that we can build the OpenGL driver pretty much unmodified on Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, etc. Using DRI, TTM, and Gallium3D would mean that the Linux OpenGL implementation would diverge significantly from the Windows one, and the end result would be a poorer user experience and more work for everybody.
So as I see it, the solution would be Gallium3D.

Then NVIDIA would be able to support more platforms with a simpler driver.
Something must happen in the near future. The situation like it is right now isn't really good.

As time passes by NVIDIA does support less linux features like XRAND 1.2+ or xvmc.

I know OpenGL support is important but that is not everything.

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