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Default Re: kernel based modesetting

Originally Posted by Mr.A
That is sad.

I really hoped that NVIDIA would release GPL drivers.
So in the future it looks like I have to switch to another graphics solution, were everything works out of the box.
If Nvidia gets lucky, the Nouveau driver will be good enough to replace the Nvidia binary driver in a year or two... we still have no support for the recent card generation, but at least there will be hope.

If not AMD/ATI and Intel will grab the market share of Nvidia for the linux market.

The recent driver discussions and comments like "we don't plan to support feature X for anything else than Windows" from Nvidia are the reasons I still work with my 7900GS... I got a larger monitor and some of my games are not as "smooth" as before, but at the moment it seems to be a bad decission to buy a new nvidia card for linux users...

Just my 2 cents.
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