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Default Re: ASUS P5E3 Premium or XFX 790i ultra

Originally Posted by Toss3
Well, yeah, you have to put them in manually. Did you remember to disable intel speedstep and other things that are unnecessary for you processor unless you want to save some electricity?

How did your wc spring a leak? And how did it kill your mobo - I mean I had had tons of leaks with my previous wc setup(asetek waterchill), but not even when some of the components were dripping in water did I manage to kill anything. Are you using distilled water?
Oh I didn’t think of that man,

The Tube into the North Bridge popped off and sprayed the G card and MoBo, oh and the ram.
(the clip provided by the LCS was terrible and un screwed its self, I could also have been at fault)

but its ok now, I will turn off that Intel speedstep.


I cant find that option any where, any clues?

Thank you man,
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