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Default Re: kernel based modesetting

Originally Posted by Henning Rogge
If Nvidia gets lucky, the Nouveau driver will be good enough to replace the Nvidia binary driver in a year or two... we still have no support for the recent card generation, but at least there will be hope.

If not AMD/ATI and Intel will grab the market share of Nvidia for the linux market.

The recent driver discussions and comments like "we don't plan to support feature X for anything else than Windows" from Nvidia are the reasons I still work with my 7900GS... I got a larger monitor and some of my games are not as "smooth" as before, but at the moment it seems to be a bad decission to buy a new nvidia card for linux users...

Just my 2 cents.
Everything you say is true. That is the reason why I bought a low budget nvidia card so that I can switch to another solution without loosing to much money.

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