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Question FX 5200: Turn off Scaling for Wide Screen?

I have an FX 5200 PCI card, currently with a standard-width CRT, and it's time for a new monitor. Of course most now are flat panel, wide-screen displays, with high native resolutions.. I like a relatively low resolution (800 x 600, or 1024 x 768), and would like to be able to view such resolutions, as well as content that has "standard" aspect, letterboxed and without horizontal stretching.

nVidia Control Panel Help (and Google) tell me I can turn off scaling by going to "Display > Change Display (flat opanel monitor) scaling > Do not scale". However, in nVidia Control Panel I do NOT see, under Display, any option to change flat panel scaling. Is this just because I am not currently hooked-up to a wide-screen or flat panel monitor? Will this option appear for me if I do buy and connect a wide-screen, flat panel monitor?

Or, is "do not scale" a function described in the driver's Help but not actually available for the FX 5200?

Thanks for any help with this!
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