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Default Re: kernel based modesetting

Originally Posted by gbil
You miss the point, it's not how big the linux market is, but if it's big enough to make NVidia change how it makes drivers for all markets! And as you can understand, it's definitely not so big.
I'm sure Nvidia would like to get a good part of the office computer market. But if nvidia will stay with the "binary blob, cannot be integrated" strategy Intel and AMD/ATI will have a much higher chance to sell their stuff. Because today "fully compatible with out of the box linux" is a selling argument, even if a company does not know if they need Linux at once.

Let's just wait 12 months... within this time Intel and AMD should finish their OS drivers and the integration of kernel based modesetting and DRI2/TTM, maybe even Galium3D...

the really ugly fact is that Nvidia does not WANT to support an OS driver. Okay, I'm pretty sure they cannot just publish their old driver (most likely because they bought some software parts), but they easily could publish a documentation about the hardware registers of their cards... that's everything the OS community would need to write a good driver, but they don't WANT to do this.
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