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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by ATOJAR
Have been meaning to try this game for some time now, looking through some of the screenshots has just urged me to try the demo(downloading now)! .... if i like it i think i will pop out and buy it.
The demo is total popoo & has non of the fixes Aces added to the game via both SP1 & SP2
basically the demo is just a small part of the RTM version of FSX (which to be honest with you was pretty much a beta when it was released),i would'nt judge the full patched up game by the demo as there pretty much diffrent sims performance wise,but if you do decide to jump in grab a few cool beers & start at page 1 of this thread for some of the best info on free & payware for bits and bobs for FSX

Good luck
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