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Default Re: World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

Originally Posted by arioch21
there really isnt anything else out there, AoC was the only new mmo to come out but its not going to hurt WoW numbers. I honestly dont see anything hurting WoW other then blizz themselves at this point, people are getting tired of the same old things, but for most they rather stay with WoW then to start a character over doing the same thing. I havent really played since Feb and dont plan to get back into it until wrath comes out probably, but Im getting bored of the game style MMO's keep leaning towards, I want something new thats not quest driven... collect, kill, escort quests are old and its the main reason I couldnt get into AoC, the quests just didnt interest me.

I wouldnt mind playing mmo where me and my friends from level 1 we can go right into a dungeon and have fun exploring, killing and collecting rare / random loot like the good diablo days.
It isn't about hurting wow's numbers. It is about being successful.
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