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Default Re: World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

firehawk... so you pretty much dont like mmo rpg games in general, and even online game?

Everyone who plays wow..will get the expansion. Its not likely to bring in new players though. I'm sad that blizzard is neglecting its low level game though. Everquest was able to bring in new players and revitalize the interest of making alts because most of its expansions offered tons of low and mid level zones along with its high end raid content. Blizzard hasn't added any new 1-60 content, some of it has become useless (lvl 60 raids) because of attunements and the now bunk 40 man requirements.

If blizzard has realised this yet, I'm not sure, how ever they made death knights start at lvl 55, so that could be saying alot. Maybe they figured not to many would bother leveling another character from lvl 1 again.
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