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Default Re: World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

The game was good back ages ago..i played soo many hours on this game..After Season 3 Arena came..i felt it was a bit boring.....the lack of graphics update/etc or new arena types or a more new bg or something to keep it in interesting as pvp was my main interest in the game...

I played since day one and only recently did i cancel my subs...expired on May 19th :O...

I don't think i will be getting into it either...i no longer have the time needed in order to advance in the game due to work/studies...before i hardly did any work...let alone studies -.-...dark years...

I had some really good times with the game though, met alot of people overseas and in Australia which i pvp'ed with...good times...but all good times must come to an end ><..luckily the game did that on its own for me..
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