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Default Re: Logitech Z-5500 or Creative Gigaworks G550W?

Originally Posted by Revs
I think the general opinion is the Z-5500's are the ones to go for. But I would say if you're getting a set for HT as well, and are prepared to spend more money, do so. This setup i've got now has amazing sound quality. I'm hearing things in films that i've just not heard before. Awesome bass from the sub too, really low and tight. OK, it was almost 500, but worth ever penny of it and then some.
When I was young I had a very nice HT set up, and bought each component at a time as the bundled ones were never as good.

It had been a long time since then, and I just bought a $200 sound card as the first component in the system. So really all I need is good speakers (5.1) with a subwoofer that has an internal or external amp.

I do love movies, and watch them regularly, but I am mostly into gaming and music now. So what I am looking for is something that does well at all the above.

I really don't need a system that will rattle windows, bass is nice, and necessary, but not the most important aspect to me I would rather have one where clarity and sound quality is paramount.
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