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Default Z-5500 or Creative S750?

Okay as some of you know......

I was a dumb schitt and purchased a set of Z-5500 speakers to replace my Creative G500 speakers.

It now appears that it is an INCREDIBLY dumb thing to do, and I apologise on behalf of humanity.

The prob is that I have just paid $450 (thats trans from euros ).

Is it worth me returning them and buying the Creative S750 instead for $520?

Would this be a better option to go along?

Im moderately commited to getting rid of my G500 now that ive spent so much time worrying over them, unless someone can convince me that one of the above 2 will provide a nice improvement on a X-fi Xtrememusic.

Thank you very much. THe only thing that may be worth considering is the new XFI 2 that is coming out that has optical ports on it with DDL. Will this make the Z-5500 sound better?

Sorry for being such a nag, but $450 is a fair bit for me, being young and all and I would hate all that beer money to go to waste.

thanks again
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