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Default Re: Battlefield 2. Unlock Single Player weapons

Only problem I'm finding is that the AI does some incredibly stupid things some times that can turn the tide of a battle instantly.

The AIX mod changes the AI quite a bit so I think they may need to fix some things.

For example, on midway, the chinese team will randomly choose to spawn only from their boats rather than spawn on the island. So the USA ends up overtaking it almost immediately. Some times they do this, other times they start the round right on the island and play correctly... but eventually they'll spawn from the stupid boats anyway. Most of the time they'll spawn in the small boats and just sit in them until a flag gets taken or they get blown up.

Also, a lot of times the AI will run around, stuck facing a random direction, and won't shoot at anything. Or a large group of team mates will stand around in a big pile trying to shoot at enemies that are hundreds of yards away... rather than follow their orders.

Makes it kind of hard to have a decent game some times, but other times its a blast. I wish it was more consistent.

I guess I've only noticed significant problems like this on the completely new maps or the ones remade from other games, so they probably had no base Battlefield 2 AI to work with.
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