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Default Re: I want to make a simple parser that I can teach more every day.

Originally Posted by XDanger
I was hoping there would be something a bit more BASIC I could use.

I need something very low level like
XX if a is => 20 then "Hello"
XX if b is => 20 then "Yes"
if c is => 20 then "No"
if a is <= 20 then "I dunno"
if a is <= 10 then "Mind your own biznis"

List of nice words
All ## "Thankyou", "Your Welcome", etc

if input ## then a = a+1

Could have a mood face image also

I remember being able to do this kind of thing on my commodore or spectrum, will I have to use an emulator????
you could do it in PHP and use the switch() statement. that way you could also put it online and share it with us
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