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Default Re: this game and vi$ta

Originally Posted by Lfctony
BS... There's like one FPS difference in Crysis. And that was when Crysis first came out. I doubt you have that even now, that one FPS difference. I've checked too... There is no difference...
I am pretty sure it would differ from system to system, for example, you run one 8800GTX, I am running 2 in SLI.

Depends on graphics settings too, if you are maxing your CPU in XP, it might not change much in Vista. I am sure that SLI performance is a fairly big factor, and that's not even mentioning that SLI in Vista feels awful with a very noticeable chugging effect that just is not present in XP.

Also would depend on the save game location. I picked a few where the CPU was not so much a factor. There are so many variables.

One thing I can say with certainty and that is that across the board on a lot of newish games the performance in Vista is still lagging behind XP. Again that could be an SLI factor, even though SLI is still clearly working in both XP and Vista.

Anyway, who cares, if your happy with Vista keep using it. I didn't like the performance so I choose only to use it for testing. Others love it, and I couldn't care less. All I care about is accurate performance.
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