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Default PSU, mobo, and FX5700 Ultra

I have a BFG GeForce FX 5700 Ultra that I use with an Athlon XP 1800+ in an Iwill XP333 motherboard hooked up to an Orion 400W PSU. At the beginning of the month, the fan on the video card died after working well for me for over four years. I RMA'd it with BFG and they sent me out another one (I got it back within 48 hours!). Unfortunately while playing Neverwinter Nights, the screen would lock up and I'd get red bands across the picture. Normally if I hit the reset button or used ctrl-alt-backspace to kill X (I'm using Linux), everything would go back to normal. The last time this happened, however, I rebooted and got a grid of white blocks all over the screen.

When I called BFG again, the guy asked me to check my voltage readings in the BIOS. The 12V rail was reading 12.47 which he was concerned about. I know that that's toward the top end of the range you would like to see, but it's within a 5% tolerance. Could that really be the problem? Could that kill the card, especially at boot when the drives and such would be spinning up? I know Orion PSUs aren't the greatest, but I also don't want to invest more in this box than I have to. I hope to upgrade later in the year and let my kids use this box. Also, while I've had the 5700 Ultra for four years, the PSU is relatively new--I bought it in December, replacing the original Enermax (I believe) whose fan died.

Also, how many amps does this card require? I can't seem to find that info online. The PSU has two 12V rails, one with 14A and another with 15A.
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