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Default Re: Age of Conan vs World of Warcraft?

to the guy considering selling his WOW account on warned, your account will probably be banned as Blizzard regularly checks e-bay auctions as their EULA prohibits transferring ownership of an account through sale. I'd recommend for a more discreet medium of sale, though beware of scammers as that site is flooded with them (though there are many legitimate people as well).

edit: more on topic, I played WoW regularly sine release until recently. Overall, it is a good game, though IMO not worth getting into at this point of time, when a fresh and promising game like AoC just came out. I'm currently a lvl 26 Barbarian on Deathwhisper and can say that the PVP in AOC is more fun, sporadic, and seems more skill based, even at low levels. The quest system IMO is also a lot easier than WoW, which may be a good or bad thing pending the player.
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