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Default Re: Age of Conan vs World of Warcraft?

Originally Posted by ATOJAR
Thanks for letting me know.

So whats the best server type to play in in aoc? .. i used to play in a "normal" server in wow, whats the equivalent to that in aoc?
The equivalent to a WoW "normal" server in AOC would be simply "PvE", which never forces a player to participate in PVP, though gives him the option to. I play on a PvP server which is basically free for fall, though I've found that there isn't too much griefing going on. If you played normal in WoW, I'd recommend PvP in Age of Conan for the change of gameplay style but PvE if you don't like getting randomly killed, or randomly killing people. There's also Culture-PVP which limits PVP to other races (your own race being an ally).

I play on Deathwhisper which is probably the highest populated server, 9/10 times I have to wait 2-3 minutes to be able to load in as there is almost always a queue because the server is "full".
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