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Default Re: PSU, mobo, and FX5700 Ultra

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
It is possible that the PSU is damaging your cards, but its not real likely. The 5700 doesn't have an external power connector does it? Its just powered straight from the AGP slot. I think you'd probably have other failures before it took out your graphics card. It seems more likely that you just got another bad card. It happens all the time.
Yeah, my 5700 Ultra has an port for a molex connector.

I know the guy who owns the place where I got my PSU. He gave me a screaming deal on an Ultra Xfinity ULT-XF500. It's overkill for my box, I know, but this PSU got pretty decent reviews and it supplies 16A and 18A over its 12V rails. That should do it. I ran tests with a PSU tester and the 12V rails were indeed slightly high, although not quite as high as the BIOS was reporting. Odd thing is that the 5v and 3.3v rails were actually beyond the 5% tolerance. This new one clocks in at 12.2. At least they can't tell me that's the problem. One thing's for sure, this PSU is WAY heftier than the Orion.

I am leaning towards your take on things, though. I think it was just a bum card. I've been borrowing a 6200 for a while and it's been solid. If BFG works as quickly as they did last time, I'll have a "new" (read: different) card on Thursday, so I'll find out for sure then.
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