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Default Re: I finally set down and finished Crysis

This is hilarious, and possibly a useless post (many of you will agree).
But I built my computer around the time this thread was created and unfortunately due to the high amount of bugs, issues, problems (all the same thing imo) I am barely able to now get around to playing this game again. lol.

I RAN through all the levels and i just got out of the spaceship (i hated that level!) and am now into the snow areas. And omg, does the performance just take a crap on itself.

But hey, I guess by this time next year we should be able to play crysis balls to wall without issues.

All in all, love the game but I think the game REALLY shined in the very first levels. What happened to that gameplay?

The Swamp level (when you face the others when nano-suits (and prior to that)), now that was a BAD ASS level.

Edit: if jakup sees this post, is there by any chance you can post some benches (even rough figures) of your performance in the Zero-G / Exiting Spaceship levels?
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