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Default Re: help!!! how to remap some keys..

Ok I downloaded ver 1.2

did this ...

1. Exit the game.

2. Find the folder named "Customized" found under ..\Age of Conan\cd_image\Gui\Customized\ once there delete only the contents found inside of the [b]Customized/b folder. Do NOT delete any other folders otherwise you may have to deal with a 911MB download! This is done in order to prevent potential conflicts with other user modified content and compiled xml files (*.bxml)

3. Extract all the files from the Mirage UI Zip file to your root folder for the game, for example "C:\Program Files\Funcom\Age of Conan\", make sure to use the folder names options with winzip to create the necessary folder paths when you extract the files. Again, extract all the files in the zip file to your main Age of Conan game folder and do not worry about getting prompted to overwrite files in the DEFAULT directory these are custom Mirage UI graphic files and they do not overwrite any base game files (hence they're named mui_*.tga)

Everthing went fine. But I have no change to the UI

hmmm... I did something wrong me thinks
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